Lazy Tennis

Cord, 2 chairs and also a balloon are needed for this game. It may be helpful to have a judge for your game.

- Start by setting up the place to play. Clear a big area and in the centre make the centre net. Do that by tying a length of cord, about a foot off the floor, to 2 chairs, and so separating the playing area in half.

- Write each player's name on a slip of paper, put all the names in a box and draw out 2 at a time to choose who will play one another.

- Participants take away their boots or shoes, sit on the ground (one player each side of the net) and slim back onto their hands then lift themselves up in order that only their hands and feet touch the floor.

- Having a balloon as the tennis ball, perform begins by the 1st person scooping the "ball" up into the air and then over the net. The person on another side must kick it back with no the balloon touching the net or the ground. If this does happen the point goes to the other player, as well as the winning person gets to serve for the next point.

- First participant to 10 points wins.

If there are enough participants, winning players from the very first round of matches can play one another till there's a absolute winner. Otherwise (if everyone has enough energy!) play a best of 3.

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