Fun Party Games & Ideas for a Birthday Party

A themed party is a good choice because a birthday party that possesses a central theme is a little easier to implement. Once the theme is decided, the guest list is next, a place to host the party, food and beverages for the kids, and of course, last but certainly not least, the birthday party games.

Here are a few party games to be played at the time of celebrating a birthday.

Left and Right

Granny Grunt



Guess How Many?

Prior to the party starting, find a large jar and fill it with either small toys or candy. Count the number of items you place in the jar and make a note. Once your guests begin to arrive, allow each of them to have a guess at how many candies or toys are held within the jar. Jot down the answer for each child. Towards the conclusion of the party, the winner is chosen - the winner being the child who is most accurate with their guess.


Sardines is based on quietness as well as a level of stealth, and is in fact hide and seek in reverse. Instead of a single person doing the seeking, one individual is sent to hide, and then after a short count, the rest of the game players go in search of the ""sardine"".

Should they locate the ""sardine"", they join them within the place of hiding. The very first person to find the hider is then next to become the ""sardine"". The name is taken from the nature of the game, where everyone involved packs together in what is often a rather tight spot.

I Love You But I Can't Make You Laugh

In this game, have the children stand together in a circle. One child is picked to begin the game by saying to another game player of their choice ""I love you but I can't make you laugh"". If the child who is spoken to laughs, then they have to leave the circle and the game continues without them. However, should they remain composed, they are then able to choose someone else to target with exactly the same words as before.

Shark Attack!

A simple but yet very fun birthday party game is Shark Attack! When the words ""shark attack"" are shouted, all players of the game must somehow get both feet above the ground. In fact, they can jump up on anything - chairs, tables, beds, etc. They can even jump on the back of another player, providing of course that this causes no squabbles. The last player standing has to leave the game.