7's 11's or Dubs

Get your self some dice... a nice large table game is greatest performed with 6 folks but probably the most of 8.

Get your self a lot of beer, whiskey, wine or what ever you wish to drink and a brandy glass and fill all of it the way to the top. Place the loaded glass in the middle of the table.

Get your chairs around the table, begin with the middle man rolling the dice if he roles a 7,11, or doubles, he/she gets to decide on who has to drink the glass of beer or what ever that's in it. When that occurs you cant touch the glass nor the dice inform the glass has been touched, feel free to make use of any objects on the table to move the glass or dice nearer to you.

In case your the Dice roller watch to see when that particular player touches the glass as quickly as that happens they need to drink up, however while there consuming you retain on rolling the dice inform you get one other 7, 11, or doubles if you do that earlier than the glass is put down then you definitely refill it for them they usually must go once more tell they chug quicker and faster.

However if you do role them once more and don't see it that's your own fault. be careful for fakes on the glass touch because if you touch the dice earlier than they touch the glass then you need to drink. If your the Glass holder drink up as quick as you may earlier than the dice catch up to you and you must drink once more, but all the time look ahead to him to pretend grabbing the dice. But don't fear if you need to do it greater than 3 times a bi-stander can steal the glass... Bi-standers.

After three glasses, be happy to steal the glass from the original drinker this may often throw the roller off and provides everyone an opportunity to drink but when there hot on the rolling than your caught with drinking tell someone steals it from you...


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