Act it Out

Silly scenes acted out by participants who have no idea what they are acting out.

Four people are chosen for the round and three of the four are taken out of the room. The one that remains is told to mime one of the following (or one of your own ideas) in approximately 20 seconds:

  1. Changing the diapers of twins
  2. Bathing an elephant
  3. Jumping from a large tower into a huge bowl of Jello

Before they start, a second person is brought into the room and told to watch. When the first demonstration has been completed, the first person is allowed to retake their place and the third person is brought into the room. The second (who has just seen the demonstration) is told that they have to act out what they have just seen for the third person. After it's done, the fourth person enters and the scene is acted out again by the thired person. The games ends when the third person has done the mime, and the fourth person is asked what they have just seen. They get three guesses.

Let the humor begin!


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