A game where killing is done with the wink of an eye.

Cut a small piece of paper for each player. Mark one of the sheets of paper with an ""X"", fold, shuffle, and distribute one to each player. Each secretly looks at his paper. The one who has the ""X"" is the assassin.

Players sit in a circle and careful examine the faces of the other players. When the assassin winks at a player, the player must say, ""I've been hit"" and drops out of the game.

If a player thinks they have caught the assassin in the act of winking, he/she says ""I suspect"". They are the first suspecter. All playing then pauses and another player must say ""I second suspect"" in support of the first person who suspects.

The second suspecter may not know who the assassin is, but must trust the judgement of the person who first suspects. The first suspecter then names who they think is the assassin. If they are correct, that player wins. If not, then both the first and second suspecter are dead and drop out and play continues.

If the assassin is successful in eliminating all but the last player, the assassin wins.


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