Balloon Choo Choo

A relay race with balloons between people

Divide into two teams of at least five or more players. Choose a starting line and finish line at least 20 feet apart or more. Each person on each team is given a balloon (9 inch diameter or more).

All players inflate their balloon and place it against the back of the team member standing in front of them. They press their bellys against the balloon to hold it against the back side of the next team member.

Now you have a line of team members all holding their balloons firmly against the backs of the person in front of them. The front person will not be able to press their body against anyone since they are first. After both teams are in place at the starting line, instruct them that collectively, they are to move from the start line to the finish line.

Once their team arrives at the designated location, the first person needs to pop their balloon. When the person behind the first person hears the balloon pop, they are to squeeze their body against the first person and pop their balloon. It's okay to use their hands as they squeeze this balloon.

The first team to arrive at the finish line and pop all balloons is the winner.


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