Captain Dickhead

To start, you need a deck of playing cards, put the playing cards spread out in a circle, but remain them touching, Do not Split the circle or you have to drink.

The 1st player picks a card, if it's red (up to 10) you need to drink that amount, if it's black (up to 10) you may give those away to any person you want. If it is a Jack then you shout a word, then every person has to rhyme until someone screws up or repeats, then they've to drink. If it is a Queen then you can keep onto it till another person draws a Queen and you could ask one question (even when it's in random conversation) if they answer, they have to drink. If it is a King then you become Captain Dickhead and get to tell anyone to drink as often as you want. Lastly, if it's an Ace, you make up a rule that folks have to do before you drink, if you do not say/take action, then they have to start their drinks all over. Once the circle of playing cards is gone, the overall game is over and you will without doubt have a buzz going on.


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