Spending an evening out drinking in a friend’s pad can make for great entertainment. One of the best and most commonly played drinking games is called Categories. It involves some cards, an unopened can of beer, and more alcohol. A variety of hard drinks, cocktails, or an assortment of beers can be used during gameplay.

How To Play

A round table will greatly be appreciated here. Sit all players in a circle. It is best if the group is small, about four to ten players, so that a full cycle will not take a long amount of time and one session can offer at least five to eight rounds of playing.

Place the unopened can of beer in the center of the table and lay the cards around it. See to it that you first shuffle the deck and remove the jokers. There are thirteen different cards in a deck (the suites do not matter here) and each one should be given a particular feature. The feature is an action that the active player or entire group of players must perform whenever the designated card is drawn.

Players then take turns picking a single card out of the scattered pile and does what has been stated. Provided that the action is performed successfully, the card can then be placed on top of the center beer can. The card will not be placed in the middle though. It should be positioned with two corners off of the can’s edge. As more players pick cards and accomplish the tasks involved, they too should follow suit ensuring that their cards are then placed in such a way that two corners do not touch any edges of the card previously positioned.

There are common rules of play per card when it comes to the categories drinking game. When an ace is drawn, the active player can make up any rule and have everyone perform it. Those who fail will be asked to drink a beverage. During the course of the game, no two ace actions should be repeated. If this happens, the active player must take an additional drink.

Once a two is drawn, it is the active player’s job to give out two drinks to other players. He or she can choose a single person to drink or two to share both provisions. For a card valued at three, it is the active player who is required to drink all three beverages.

The four card is especially popular amongst men because when this is drawn, only the ladies are obligated to take a drink. They each get one beverage to start and the last person to finish their provision will then be given another beverage to consume.

All players need to touch the sky when a five card is drawn. Basically, this involves lifting one’s arms in the air and waving them like they just don’t care. The last person to raise his or her arms towards the heavens will get a drink.

Just like the four card, the same concept applies to the six card but this time, only the men are obligated to take a sip or two.

When a seven card is seen, all players need to immediately raise their glasses to the air. The last person who raises his or her drink will immediately be penalized with a beverage. It is best to be careful here so that no drinks are spilt.

The eight card is also known as the mate card in the categories drinking game because the active player will have the ability to choose another player who will then have to be his or her “buddy” taking a drink every time the active player chugs during the entire course of the game.

When you see a nine, you better bust a rhyme. The nine card triggers the start of a round of rhyming. The active player mentions a word and all other players try to provide another word that rhymes with it. Fail and you drink.

The ten card is the category card. Here, a category is mentioned by the active player and all other participants must provide a word that falls under the given category.

Especially when it comes to the nature of the game, the Jack card can be someone’s saving grace. When it comes to the categories drinking game, only those that draw Jack cards will be allowed to have restroom privileges.

When Queens and Kings are drawn, everybody drinks!

The person who knocks down the oddly positioned pile of cards atop the beer can has to drink the beer. He or she can also take a number of beverages equivalent to the cards that fall.


The only objective here is not to tip the beer cards over.


Mindfulness and steady hands so as not to tip the beer cards over.


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