Circle Jerk

Put the whole set of cards face down in a circle. Persons playing pick up cards in turn.

1 is usually a thumb card; the player who picked it up can play it whenever he\she wishes. A thumb card is simply used when the player who picked it up places their finger at the table at any time they choose to. The last person playing to place their finger down needs to drink.

2-5 card allows the player who picked this card to hand out drinks to persons playing.

6 is known as a F you card. Last player to say F you has to drink.

7 is a power card; the player could make up any rule that they want.

8 is toilet card. Nobody is allowed to go to toilet without one.

9 is a You F*** card. Identical as 6 card.

10 is a drink up card. One who picked it starts drinking, then person to left starts and so on. When the player who started stops, the player beside them can stop whenever they want and so on.

Jack is really a category card. One who picked this card thinks of a category; can be anything (condoms, computers, etc.). The player who can't name something from that category has to drink.

Queen is player to right drinks King is person who pulls the last.

King has to finish their drink.


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