Rules: How to Play Fives Drinking Game

Every player is 'in' at the start of the game. Each round of the game begins with a countdown of 'three, two, one,' followed by a multiple of five by the player whose turn it is. 'Three, two, one, twenty,' for example. Every player holds out a hand, either a closed fist or an open hand, simultaneously as the player says the multiple of five.

The player is 'out' if the number of outstretched fingers equals the multiple of five that the player said. Instead of celebrating, they must say, "Thank you for a lovely game of fives," with a perfectly straight face. They are still 'in' whether they rejoice or fail to utter this word.

If the number of outstretched fingers does not exceed the player's stated multiple of five, the player is still 'in' and must drink.

The aim of the game is to correctly guess the number of fingers that will be kept outstretched in order to get 'out.' The player who is the last to be left 'in' must finish their drink.


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