Horse Race


A deck of cards will be needed.

To make the 'race row,' remove the aces from the deck, then shuffle the remaining cards and deal between five and ten cards face down in a line.

Finally, arrange the aces face up in a row parallel to the racetrack's first card.

How to Play Horse Racing Game

Each player places a wager on a specific ace at the start of the game. A player would, for example, bet three fingers on the ace of spades. The race starts after all bets have been made.

A designated player draws cards from the top of the deck one by one and places them face-up on the table. Each time a card is turned over, the ace with the same suit moves one step forward on the race track. If the four diamonds are turned over, the ace of diamonds is pushed forward one place (i.e., in line with the next card on the race track).

When one of the aces reaches the last spot on the race track, the race is over (i.e., is in line with the last card on the race track). Each player settles their wager at this stage, either drinking the amount they bet or nominating other players to drink if they win.


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