Left and Right

You will require 3 marbles and 3 coins for each team for this game. As well, it's best played having a referee. Participants split into two groups (if there's an extra person he/she can be the referee).

Both team's players sit side by side in a row (on contrary sides of the area and dealing with each other is best) on the left hand end (left hand to the players) of each team place a bowl with 3 marbles in it, at the right hand end place a bowl with 3 coins in it.

The referee alerts for the game to begin.

Groups have to pass each object one by one from one player to the next down the row to the end but marbles move to the right and might only be passed to the next player with the right hand, the coins move to the left and can only be passed along the row with the left hand.

Participants can't hold multiple object in their hand (you may have, say, a marble in your right hand and a coin in your left but not two marbles).

The penalty for players who pass more than one item or who pass with the incorrect hand is that the thing must get back the beginning of the row of players.

The 1st lineup who moves all the items to the opposite ends first wins.

The overall game could be much more fun by obtaining players wear oven mits. Marbles and coins can still be used, or to allow it to be slightly easier, use tennis balls and drink coasters.


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