Monster Maker

Using only arms and legs, teams complete to make a monster.

Divide group into two or three teams of around 6 to 8 players.

Announce that each team is to create an ugly monster with a varying number of legs and arms which are to touch the floor.

The host first calls out the number of legs and arms, for example, if teams have 8 players the host might start with 12 legs and 6 arms.

Give about a minute for each team to form the monster.

Use a clock or stopwatch.

Let each team finish if they can. Then go to the next round.

Progressively reduce the number of legs and increase the number of arms. So the next monster to form might have 8 legs and 8 arms. Then 6 legs and 10 arms. Then 4 legs and 12 arms!

Have fun and be creative!


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