Pass a Shot


  • 3 shots each player
  • 3 dice each player
  • Table or flat playing surface

Pass a Shot Game Rules:

This game is best played with 4-8 players, but it doesn’t matter too much if there are fewer or more.

All sit round in a circle with 3 shots in front of you. Roll the dice.

The player must roll the number of dice equal to the number of shot glasses he or she has in front of him – (i.e., If you have 3 shot glasses in front of you, roll all 3 dice).

  • Rolling a one, two, or three means the player does nothing and keeps their shot. The player cannot drink it.
  • Rolling a four requires the roller of the dice to drink any one shot glass in front of him. Pass the dice to the player on the roller’s left.
  • Rolling a five requires the roller to pass one shot glass to the player to his right.
  • Rolling a six requires the roller to pass one shot glass to his left.

If a player does not have any shot glasses in front of him, he is not allowed to roll the dice. His turn is skipped. This does not mean that the player is out of the game, though, as he may have shot glasses passed to him during the game, all depending on the roll of the dice.

Carry on playing until all the shots have been consumed. You can make strong, disgusting shots, but don’t forget – you might be the one who ends up drinking them.


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