Necessary Tools: Deck of Cards

You'll be able to play this game with as much as six players. You need to pick a dealer that you simply trust not to cheat as they are going to have the ""counting"" manage. The dealer will spot 15 cards face down within a pyramid.

Row 1 = one Card Row two = two Cards Row three = three Cards Row four = four Cards Row 5 = 5 Cards

The card dealer will then pick a person randomly turn any 5 of the cards sideways in a different row. (You will discover why within a minute) The card dealer will deal the rest of the cards for all participants beginning with the dealer first and going to the right. The dealer will switch the first card in row 1 and count 1-2-3 dead. All players need to take part at the same time because there are no turns..

All participants need to throw an identical card of a typical suit together with the flipped card and say ""Fuck You (Person‘s Name) drink BEFORE the dealer says DEAD“, the card dealer will then keep count 1-2-3-Dead until he/she reaches dead on that card. (Certainly there are four of each suit in the deck, so you do not know if somebody else has the card or it is in the Pyramid until the dealer reaches Dead.

The only person who was identified as LAST on each card has to drink. The dealer then will do this again moving down each row from left to right until all of the cards will be exhausted.

Now the key part: What amount to drink?

The ""count"" depends on the table below. The last caller on that card GIVING the drink need to count to the next number as slow or as quickly as they like. The individual called need to drink before the caller reaches the prescribed drinking ""count""

  • Row one: Sum of Cards x 1
  • Row two: Sum of Cards x 2
  • Row three: Sum of Cards x 3
  • Row four: Sum of Cards x 4
  • Row five: Sum of Cards x 5

Make sure you keep in mind that the side ways cards tend to be DOUBLE...

In order, to do the math Row three with three cards might be a nine count. Sideways might be an 18 count.

If you ever run out of cards, you're exempt from drinking through out the game.

Notes: Everyone may drink more than once on a card if they have multiple cards of that value... In most cases, in your best interest, to attract the other participants to throw so you are the last to put ahead of the dealer reach dead..."


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