Drinking games are quite popular not only among college students but young professionals as well. These are excellent forms of entertainment especially during gatherings among a tight knit group of friends. Only requiring a relatively small number of people to play, games like Quarters offer tons of fun and provide for excellent memories amidst friendly competition.

There are other names attached to the quarters drinking game. Some people refer to it as Monedita which means little coin in Spanish while the British refer to it as The Game.

How To Play

Compared to other drinking games, the quarters drinking game is rather simple. All it takes is some aim and focus to emerge victorious. Expect to play for an average of fifteen minutes with every round. A game calls for about three players and not an individual more. There is also a need for one shot glass, a quarter, and some alcoholic beverages.

Setting things up is simple. On a long table, place the shot glass a significant distance away from the playing end. This is basically it. Each player takes turns trying their best to flick a quarter into the shot glass by bouncing it off of the table. The quarter should land and stay put inside the glass. If it bounces out then it is not scored.

Each player only gets one attempt per turn and every missed shot will lead to some form of drinking. There are five rounds in a typical quarters drinking game and during the first round, all failed attempts will be equivalent to one drink. Two drinks will be the penalty for the next round, three for the next, four for the following, and five for the last round.

For each successful attempt, aside from the point that the active player earns, he or she also gains a power advantage in the form of a drink substitution provision. This means that he or she has the power to transfer the drinking obligation to another player when the need arises. For example, during the third round, if the player holding the advantage wishes to do so, he or she can choose to hand the drinks to one competitor or to the both of them.

The official title given to the active player is the “shooter” and this is why every failed shot lands him or her a shot (of alcohol that is). The game is played until all five rounds have been completed. In the end, the points will be added up and the person with the highest figures wins everything.

Variations To The Game

There are some variations when it comes to the rulings of the quarters drinking game. Although typical practice involves the use of one empty shot glasses to bounce quarters into, other styles use a multitude of glasses, each with a specific drink.

Shooters still bounce quarters into these glasses but none of them is consumed. They only represent the type of drink that the active player must consume. Prior to playing, the shooter must choose a drink that he or she is attempting to shoot the quarter into. If the shot is a miss, this is how they determine which drink to give to the failed shooter.

A variation to this variation involves no predetermination of drinks. The shooter tries to shoot a quarter into a glass and if he or she succeeds, the rest of the players have to take a drink.

Another variation makes the game even more complex. Aside from having different glasses to shoot into, it is possible to add a ruling wherein the quarter should land on a particular face, heads or tails.

Aside from direct bouncing, the players can also choose to make things more difficult as the rounds progress. Beginning with traditional coin bouncing actions, they may choose to apply special tricks or bouncing methods in later rounds an example of which may be bouncing the coin on its vertical rather than horizontal side.

Depending on the playing group, the quarters drinking game can accommodate an assortment of drinks not all of which need to be alcoholic.


The objective is to bounce a quarter off of a table and into a shot glass with perfect precision. Depending on the rules in play, if players wish to apply variations like trick shots for example, if a shooter gets a quarter into a glass but fails to do so using the stated method, it is deemed as a fail. The quarter should remain in the glass and not bounce out of it. If it does, it is not granted a point.


For the quarters drinking game, the only strategy that players can rely on is their aim. Nothing but a perfect or precise aim and style of bouncing will lead them to victory."


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