Ride The Bus

Join The Bandwagon With The Ride The Bus Drinking Game

When you are with an intimate group of friends, there are plenty of activities that you can engage in for a fun night of drinking. All sorts of drinking games can be considered depending on what the participants are interested in. Common drinking games include nothing but a deck of cards and some well-chosen alcoholic beverages. One of the best drinking games that you can try goes by the name Ride the Bus.


For the Ride the Bus drinking game, the objective is simple enough and it is to end up with the least amount of cards. For the player left with the most number of cards, he or she will then have to play the entire game from scratch until a series of perfect guesses have been made per draw.

Guidelines For Play

First, a designated dealer should be chosen. This person will be in charge of setting up the table and dealing the cards per turn. There are two ways to set up the Ride the Bus game table and they are referred to as the diamond and triangle methods. When it comes to the former, the dealer arranges the cards in a diamond pattern. Nine cards are set facedown, with the first pile having a single card; the next one, two; the following three; back to two; and finally another single card for the last pile.

The second method is the triangle. Here, the dealer will need 10 cards. These will also be placed facedown on the table with the format following a triangle without overlapping the cards. For the triangle arrangement, one pile has four; the other, three; the next, two; while the last pile has a single card. For this particular method of setting up the “Bus,” it is necessary for the apex to always be facing the dealer.

When the bus has been set up, the players can now start the Ride the Bus drinking game. The game is relatively short, averaging at around 15 minutes of gameplay. There are five rounds wherein the dealer distributes the cards to each player, upon which four particular guesses should be made. One mistake means that the player has to consume one drink.

With every round and every card received, the player must make the following guesses:

  • The color of the card. The player should choose if the card is red or black.

  • The suit of the card. The player should make a guess on whether the card belongs to the suit of hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds.

  • The face value of the card. In this case, the player should correctly guess whether his or her card is higher, lower, or lies in the middle compared to the last two cards played.

  • The face value of the card. Here, the player must guess whether the actual value of the card is the same or different compared to the last card played. In this case, all cards from the ace to 10 have an ascending value beginning with 1. The Jacks, Queens, and Kings may be valued at either one or 10 — something that the entire group should decide and agree on.

Aside from taking a drink per wrong answer, the participant must hold on to the card. This is how playing cards are accumulated during the entire course of the game.

Drinking And Discarding Cards

After the five rounds of guessing and drinking have been completed, the dealer will then signal a sudden death match where one card from the farthest row of the set bus will be turned, facing upward. For as long as the face value of their cards match this card, all players can discard as many cards as possible. For each playable card, the participant can choose a co-player and nominate him or her for a drink.

As previously mentioned, there are four piles of cards carrying 4, 3, 2, and 1 card. The dealer will start with the 1-card pile. This means that the current player with the playable card can make one nomination. If he or she has a playable card when the 4-card pile has been turned, four players can be chosen to drink. For the piles with multiple cards, the bottom card is always the one initially played. The dealer will then turn all the cards in the pile before proceeding to the next.

By the end of the game, all 10 cards should already be facing upward, with all playable cards discarded.


The first strategy to succeed in the Ride the Bus drinking game involves being alert. When cards are drawn, past draws will no longer be mentioned prior to the guessing game. Aside from alertness, enhancing one’s memory ability prior to the game can make a big difference in the outcome.


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