Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire Rules

The game starts with the appropriate deck of playing cards face down to a circle formation. Clockwise around the ring every player takes it in turn to flip a card face up and places in the middle of the ring. All playing cards 2-Ace symbolize a unique game so it is actually thirteen games in one.

When a turns a.....

2- MAKE A RULE (this rule is carried out till the end of the game)

3- PROPOSE A TOAST (the card turner proposes a toast to no matter he/she like however all gamers must consume some drink after the toast as an indication of respect)

4- FOUR FINGERS (whoever turns the card has the ability to deligate upto four fingers of drink to ANY player. They could give all of them to at least one player or divide them up to four gamers)

5- KING OF THE RING (the king of the ring has the ability to make anybody drink no matter he/she likes at any time when he/she wants till a new king is elected)

6- GIRLS DRINK (all female players consume 2 fingers of drink)

7- CATEGORIES (the card turner selects a class e.g brands of clothes, golfers names, any city soccer clubs and so on and one by one players gives an answer till either someone cannot consider one or their reply is not correct. They then consume minimum fine of two fingers)

8- GUYS DRINK (all male players consume 2 fingers of drink)

9- BUSTA RHYME (the card turner says a phrase and players must give a phrase that rhymes with the unique e.g lick, sick, prick, kick and so on till either someone cannot think of one or their reply is not correct. They then consume minimum fine of 2 fingers)

10- SNAP (the final individual to place their hand on top of the upturned 10 card must drink the minimum fine of two fingers)

Jack- THUMBMASTER (thumbmaster can place his thumb on the edge of the table every time they like and the final player to take action consumes minimum fine of two fingers)

Queen- QUESTIONMASTER (questionmaster can ask folks questions each time they like and if some other person answers a query they have to consume minimum fine of two fingers)

King- EYEMASTER (the eyemaster tries to catch the attention of another player. A person caught looking straight into the eye of the eyemaster should consume a minimum fine of two fingers)

Ace- 21s (a game of 21s proceeds beginning with the card turner)

After a player turns a card the following person in the ring takes their turn.

The 'power cards' (5, Jack, Queen, King) stay with the player who turned them till the next time the card is turned. So a player who turns a Queen will probably be questionmaster till the next time a Queen is turned.

If at any point through the ring (the game) a disagreement happens between gamers (e.g is a phrase legible in BUSTA RHYME or who was the final particular person to place their thumb down throughout THUMBMASTER, a 'Council' will resolve the outcome. Anybody can call Council at any time and a majority vote (proven by putting a clenched fist in the midst of the desk) is final. All gamers at the desk are involved within the council.

The usual minimum drinking fine is 2 fingers however could be tailored to the drink concerned e.g. a fine of four fingers for lager could also be adapted to only 2 fingers for wine.


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