What The Sociables Drinking Game Is All About

Cards and alcohol really do mix. There are plenty of excellent games that can be played with a simple deck of cards and beer, gin, vodka, or any type of alcoholic drink really. One such game is called Sociables and it is a popular drinking game that can be played with a handful of friends. Before anything else, you will need a deck of cards, the alcohol of your choice, and a group of people seated in a circle. For this particular game, it is best to keep the circle small so limit the players to a minimum of four and a maximum of 10.


The objective of the game is to finish the deck of cards without any player leaving the game.

Guidelines For Play

The first rule is to set the shuffled deck of cards facedown in the middle of the table. See to it that the jokers are removed beforehand. In essence, all players will choose a card per turn and perform an action that has been associated with the card. The group will be the one to provide the rules per card prior to gameplay. The game continues until the deck runs empty.

Common Round Table Rules

Although players have the ability to choose what challenge goes with what card, there are common round table rules that can also be taken into account when it comes to the Sociables drinking game. Some of the common rules that are set per card are as follows:

Ace: The person who draws an ace will be given the title of game leader. Basically, he or she can be the boss for a certain period of time which will be dictated by how long he or she can keep the drawn card stuck on his or her forehead. Another common rule that is normally attached to the ace card involves the provision for the player to create a rule for other players to follow during the entire course of the game. Here is where creativity is much appreciated.

2: This is an easy draw since it simply involves handing out two drinks to another player or two other participants. Depending on the group, this can also be set to mean that the person who drew the 2 card must consume two drinks.

3: Just like the rule for the 2 card, drawing a 3 can mean that the person must have three drinks, give it to another player, or split it amongst three participants.

4: When a 4 card is drawn, the player must consume two drinks and then give the remaining ones to another or two other players. There is also a common rule in the Sociables drinking game where drawing a 4 card signals the start of a sentence challenge wherein one player starts with a word, which should then be added to by the next player until all participants have been able to contribute words of their own, forming a coherent sentence. Those who fail the challenge must take a drink.

5: This is simple since when a 5 card is drawn, all men at the table must drink.

6: When the 6 card is drawn, it is the women’s turn to take a drink.

7: Drawing a 7 card allows the player to perform any weird act of his or her liking. For example, the player may wish to joke-slap another participant. If any of the past acts is repeated, the current player must take a drink. This is the part of the game where keeping tabs matter. In some games, the rule attached to the 7 card involves immediately pointing to the north. Any slight hesitation on the player’s part will lead to a drink.

8: In the Sociables drinking game, the person who draws an eight must drink.

9: The player chooses another person to take the drink.

10: This card involves the use of one’s thumb. The player who draws the 10 card should discreetly place his or her thumb on any area or object and the action should be followed by the entire group. The last one to notice and follow suit will be obligated to drink up.

Jack: Just like the sentence game, drawing a Jack will start the rhyming game where the player mentions a phrase and the rest will have to supply same-sounding phrases. Those who fail to do so will take a drink. Another common rule — a simpler one at that — simply demands that the term “Sociables” be shouted out once the card is drawn.

Queen: All Queen cards will obligate the ladies to drink.

King: All King cards will call for the men to take a sip.


A good strategy is to stay alert for as long as possible. Considering how breaking the rules leads to more drinks, simply paying attention can make a difference in the outcome of a game like Sociables.


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