This Twister Drinking Game, like every other twister game, has a relatively equal number of men and women participating. This is a classic twister game with the exception that you must put some shot glasses on the playing board, and someone who is forced to place one of their hands or feet on that spot must take the shot instead.

What You'll Need To Play

A twister kit, a variety of glasses in different sizes, and as much alcohol as you can muster. If someone falls over or tips any of the cups over, plastic cups are the safest option.


Before the game begins, each player must fill a shot glass with whatever sort of booze they prefer and place it on one of the spaces on the game board. Then everyone should begin the game with a full glass of alcohol in their hands.

Twister Drinking Game Rules

Play the game normally, except that someone who is required to place one of their limbs on a space with a shot glass on it must take the shot.

There will be no setting down of absolute drinks! If you're ever forced to put down your drink (by having to place both your left and right hands on the game board), you must chug the rest of it first.

If a shot is knocked over, the player must refill it and take it before returning to the game.

If anyone loses their balance and falls over, they must take one of the shots on the game board or pour a new one if none are left. (along with something else they kicked over)

This twister drinking game is a fun way to crack the ice, but it can get messy.


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