Wooden Spoons

Guess someone’s identity by feeling them with wooden spoons.

One of the guests is blindfolded, and sits upon a chair. He or she is then given two large wooden spoons, such as in common use in every kitchen for stirring puddings, cakes, and so on. One after another, the other boys and girls come up to the blindfolded sitter and stand or kneel before him/her, and he/she has to guess who each one is by simply feeling him or her with the wooden spoons.

The task is very much more difficult than it looks and is great fun as the spoons go over the face and body in an attempt of the blindfolded person to discover the identity of the other. Of course, any outburst of laughter when the spoons are going over a face would disclose the identity, so participants must keep perfect silence.

When anyone's identity is guessed, he/she has to be blindfolded and must take the spoons. Be careful when using the spoons to touch another person with them quite lightly, so as not to hurt anyone. Any player who wears glasses should remove them.


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