Halloween Party Games

Fun and Spooky Halloween Party Ideas

Every year, people organize Halloween parties for their friends, employees, and students. Organizers of such events should come up with fun and spooky Halloween party ideas that will make the party go down in history as one of the best parties of the year. Organizing a Halloween party is the same as organizing a regular party because the same kind of preparation is involved such as preparing a guest list, schedule, refreshments, decorations, venue, music, theme, invitations, and many more. It is important to make arrangements, reservations, and invitations ahead of time to avoid rushing things and ending up with a lame event.

Below is a list of fun and spooky Halloween party ideas that everyone should consider.

Fun themes

When it comes to choosing a Halloween party theme, be sure to pick something that is fun yet spooky. It should not be too scary especially if kids are going to attend the party. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland theme like the movie not the cartoon is great for a spooky yet whimsical Halloween party. Vampire Halloween party is also a great idea especially for teenagers, where the guests can attend a vampire dinner wearing vampire outfits. For Halloween parties for the whole family, guests can wear any spooky costume like witch, mummy, ghost, and werewolf.

On the other hand, organizing a non-spooky Halloween party is also a great idea because this gives the people a chance to go as any character that they like. Book lovers can organize a literary themed Halloween party where guests can go as their favorite literary characters. Movie theme is also a great idea where people can go as the character in a famous Hollywood film.

Creative food and beverages

Halloween is also that time of the year when people get creative not only with their costumes but also with the foods and drinks that they serve at the party. One great food idea is to cook spaghetti with meatballs. To make it scary, make the meatballs appear like large eye balls and the spaghetti like slimy intestines or worms covered with blood. Literal finger foods also make great Halloween food. Just bake bread or cookies shaped like fingers and add a fingernail on each finger using icing or a small piece of hotdog.

Cakes or pizzas that have a spider web decoration on top are also great Halloween party food. Sandwiches shaped like tombs are also a great way to say ‘Boo!’ to the guests even at the buffet table.

For the beverage, red punch with ice cubes shaped like hands or a smoky, cold drink will surely make the guests think twice before getting a drink, wondering if there is something disgusting swimming in the beverage. Of course, make sure that everything is just for appearance. The taste should still be delicious.

Eerie decorations

Like in the horror house, adding life-sized cutouts of scary characters can instantly transform the venue into a haunted house. Fake spider webs and spiders, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, witches, and other spooky decors that will give your guests goose bumps are the perfect décors for a Halloween party.

To complete the spooky effect, dim the lights and play scary music and eerie background sounds like the sound of a laughing witch, a person walking with his legs tied to a ball and chain, and bats flapping their wings. The good thing about these decorations is that they can be easily made using craft materials and other recyclable supplies that can be found in the garage.

Thrilling Halloween party games and activities

Having a Halloween party? Than you need some Halloween party games to make the festivities complete. There are some traditional games that are well known and loved by everyone that require very little setup time.

Halloween is a fun time for both kids and adults. Who doesn't like a little horror in their lives! You can throw a memorable party for as many guests as you would like for a lot less money than you think including the party games.

Games and activities in Halloween parties should be exciting, just like all kinds of parties. One fun idea for a Halloween party game is Boo Bowling where you have to strike rolls of tissue using small pumpkins. Halloween Bingo is also a fun game for a spooky party. Just print out Bingo sheets and prepare markers before the party. Another fun activity especially for kids is to ask them to pin the bow tie or other accessories on the skeleton while blindfolded.

Games like with hat ring toss or pop the pumpkin balloon are also ideal for Halloween parties for families. For a memorable activity, set up a horror house or tunnel where guests can go inside and scare themselves silly. Life sized cutouts of skeletons, witches, ghosts, vampires, black cats, and monsters with creepy and scary background sounds will surely make the horror house horrifying.

List of Halloween Party Games

Games can make the party! Small trinkets and gifts make excellent trophies. You can easily have several parties at your event. Parties are so much fun and having fun party games can easily make your party a hit!

Bobbing for Apples

A traditional game for both harvest parties and Halloween parties is bobbing for apples. Bobbing for apples is an easy game to set up. All you need is a big tub filled with water and some apples! Some people use blind folds on the contestants.

The goal is to pick the apples out of the tub with your mouth! The adults can have their hands tied behind their backs. For the children you can use a blind fold or not and you can leave the hands free out as well.

Jack O Lantern

A jack o lantern carving contest is a lot of fun. You can award prizes for the best, the worst, the funniest face, the scariest face and whatever else you choose to judge on. You can award prizes and little trinkets to the winners.

Costume Contest

What would Halloween be without costumes? You can have a Halloween costume contest. You can judge on the best, scariest, funniest or whatever you choose. You can also have a themed Halloween party which is a party game in and of itself.

Pin The Hat on the Witch

A fun spin on pin the tail on the donkey is pin the hat on the witch. You can buy this game at the store for a few dollars. This is a fun game! You put on a blind fold on the contestant spin them around as they hold out a paper hat that they try to stick on the witch.

The person that comes closest to the witches head with the hat wins!

Guess What?

Here is another fun idea you can play guess what? Of course you want to make this a creepy version in spirit of the holiday. Get a few different bowls and fill them with things like eyeball grapes, gummy worms worms, and jello blood with a bone at the bottom.

Once you have the bowls full wrap them well with tin foil and cut a hole for little hands to fit in. Allow each person to take their best guest at what each bowl contains whether it is an animal or part of a human body.

The anticipation is great as everyone gets a turn to stick their hands in the bowls.

More Halloween tips

When planning a Halloween party, be sure to keep in mind the age range of the guests. If there are young kids in the guest list, avoid decorating the venue with really scary Halloween characters that will give them nightmares. Likewise, remind the adult guests to keep their costumes wholesome.

Planning a Halloween party at home can be a little challenging because of the furnishings that will look out of place in a haunted house, like flat screen TV or state of the art speakers. These can be hidden with white cloth cover to make them look as if they have been left behind by the haunted house’s previous owner. Or better yet, just hold the party outdoors in the backyard or garden. Cleaning up is also easier if the party is held outside.

Buying Halloween decorations is easy as long as there is already an idea formed about how to venue should look like. Be sure to buy inexpensive Halloween decors especially if these will no longer be used the following year. On the other hand, choosing high quality Halloween decors that are a little more expensive is the practical choice if these decors are used every year. If buying is not an option, DIY crafts for Halloween decorations are also great ideas to transform the venue into a spooky place that looks haunted by ghosts and other unknown spirits.

Finally, it is also a must to prepare treats for trick-or-treaters that can also be used as a souvenir after the Halloween party. Candies, cookies, small toys, and other little treats make great Halloween treats. Put them inside a small plastic pumpkin basket or in a Halloween themed paper bag.