Party Games for Kids

Kids party games make going to a party that much more fun. Find some great ideas for games to play.

Left and Right

Football with The Balloon


Gathering Eggs Relay

Rock or Tree

Hunt the Prize

Balloon Battle


The Most Practical Driver

Pass a Hat

Balloon Choo Choo

Granny Grunt

Balloon Race

Lazy Tennis


Blow the Ball

How To Make A Kid's Party Come To Life

Throwing a child's party can seem like a difficult task. If you're going to have many children at the party, how will you make sure that each one has fun? Party games for children can be a great way to keep all kids entertained. Games can also provide the children with hours of fun.

A great game that kids love is bobbing for apples. If the children are younger, you won't want to play the game in the traditional way, such as filling up a basin with water and apples and having the children stick their heads in to grab an apple. Another great way to play this game, without water, is to gather up apples with stems. You'll want to get as many apples as you have children playing the game. Once you have your apples, tie strings to each of the stems. Once the strings are attached to the apple stems, tie the other end of the string to an item that is off of the ground, such as a tree branch or swing set. Make sure that the strings are long enough so that each child will be able to reach their apple comfortably. Once the apples are hung, let each kid have a turn trying to take a bite from their apple without their hands.

Another game to play at a kid's party is guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar. For this game you'll need jelly beans, a jar, scrap pieces of paper, pencils, and children that are old enough to understand the game. Before the party, fill your jar up with jelly beans. Make sure that you count the number of jelly beans that you put in the jar. You can either write this number down or just keep it in mind. As the children begin arriving at the party, have each of them write down how many beans they believe are in the jar, along with their names. When the party is almost complete, go through the guesses and find the one that is closest to the amount actually in the jar. The lucky winner can take home the jar of jelly beans as a prize.

Another game that the kids will love is the egg and spoon race. For this game you'll need teaspoons and eggs. Since the children could drop the egg, you may want to stick to hard boiled eggs or golf balls. Set up two lines, the start and finish, and have a few children line up at the starting line. Give the children a spoon and place the egg on it. The children will need to place one arm behind their back and once you give the signal, they should begin racing to the finish line. The object of the game is to make it to the finish line the fastest without losing your egg.

With these games, your kid's party is sure to be a hit. The games will give the children something to do that they will love. All of the above games can be modified to suit different age groups so that everyone can participate.