Party Games for Adults

The Best Way to Get Excited for a Party

We have made it easy to choose your adult party games with our vast collection of party game ideas. You can then watch everyone enjoy them with a dash of competition and a touch of humor.

Easy to choose and play

Choosing an adult party game is easy, and they are just as much fun to play.

Add some competition

Mixing in some friendly competition is a great way to make an even more memorable evening! Check out the list of our 10 most popular adult party games for some inspiration.

Generate fresh ideas for new games

Sometimes it's nice to shake things up a bit! So we've also got a list of some creative ideas that you can use to get the juices flowing or even inspire you to come up with your original idea.

Top Adult Party Games

  1. Water Fall
  2. Pass the bottle
  3. Evil Kinevil
  4. How's It Hangin'
  5. Longest Rope
  6. Act it Out
  7. Pyramid
  8. Never Have I Ever
  9. Break the Eggs
  10. Charades

Adult Party Ideas

When you imagine adult party games, you might instantly bring to mind drinking games or complicated murder mysteries games, but there is a variety of uncomplicated games that a group of adults can also enjoy playing. Party games for adults are played between adult players; however, the reason for playing these games also are for entertainment and enjoyment and not contain any monetary advantageous or professionalism. Additionally, it can break the ice for newcomers and help guests make new friends. And they are generally the best way to get to know persons or relax and have fun with members of the family and friends. Adult party games vary from mildly suggestive to completely dirty, according to the mood you wish to create -- as well as on the buddies you're engaging.

So hosting an event and need some entertaining party games for adults? Look for adult party games and make your friends and family satisfied with a number of exciting games.


A great game that is easy to remember and a staple at parties and events.

Board Games

These are links to our top party board games you can buy and play with others.


You won't have to do much else if you plan to play bunco at the party. Fun for all ages!

Capture the Flag

Not just for kids, Capture the Flag can be played by adults and children of all ages. It is an active game that requires strategy and physical coordination. This is a great game for team building and company picnic games.

Celebrity 20 Questions

This is a really fun version of the original 20 questions celebrity-style!


A classic party game, charades is always fun and easy to play!

Conversation Starters

This conversation starters list can be used to start conversations at dinner parties, teach children how to have conversations, or simply to ask questions.

The Dictionary Game

A quiet game that allows everyone to talk and think. The Dictionary Game will determine who is the next Samuel Webster.

Dollar Game

This is a great game to play in the mix or icebreaker adult party game category. Secretly, give three or more $1 bills to a few guests at the party. Next, announce that unknown people have $1 bills and will give it to the 5th through 10th, 15th, and 15th persons, respectively. They shake hands. Because no one knows who owns the $1 bills, everyone shakes their hands in an attempt to grab the money. You can!

Fast Charades

This is a much simpler version of the classic charades game. It's sure to get everyone involved! This game does not require a title or phrase.

Gift Exchange Games

There are many variations of the White Elephant gift exchange games.

Guessing Game

Your guests will be left guessing with this Guessing Game! It's great to attend Hollywood or Oscar theme parties.

Holiday Adult Party Games

We have all the adult party games you could need, including Halloween Party Games and Christmas Party Games as well as Christmas Office Party Games, Easter Party Games, and New Year's Eve Party Games.

Ice Breaker Games

This list contains multiplayer games that you can use with guests who don't know each other. You can use these games for showers, meetings, or at-home party games. This list also includes my favorite icebreaker game, Human Bingo!

The Match Game

This is an excellent game for ice breakers that will encourage your guests to mix and mingle! The Match Game will test your guests' ability to find their match.

Murder Mystery

Everybody loves a good mystery, even if they're part of it! The party is always a mystery, and mystery games are very popular!

Off Limits

This is one of our favorite adult party game ideas. It can be played throughout the evening. This keeps your guests talking as long as you don’t say anything offensive!

Printable Birthday Games

You can print and play games. There are many great options for every kind of game you could imagine. There are many printable birthday games as well as holiday and other games that can be printed for all ages.

Song Game Ideas

This is a great game for icebreaking. Before the party, write four sections (or lyrics or parts) to a song on notecards. You can do this with different songs to ensure you have enough cards for everyone. Each guest should be given a card upon their arrival. They must find 3 other people who have lyrics to the song to help them sing together before any other group can.

Steal a Sticker

Who has the most gentle touch? Play the steal-a-sticker game to find out.

Stroke of Fun

Stroke Of Fun is a party icebreaker that can also be used as a gift.

This is Your Life Party

This party theme can be used as its own game or activity. It is a great way of honoring someone for their retirement or birthday!

Treasure Hunts

It's true. We meant Treasure Hunts. This is not for the kids. For adults, create challenging treasure hunts!

Trivia Games

You can find many great adult trivia games, in addition to Trivial Pursuit. Amazon also offers these great options:

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  • ESPN Trivia
  • Conspiracy Theory Game

Two Truths, and a Lie Game

This is a fun game you can play at a dinner party. Have everyone sit around the table, telling two outrageous truths and one lie about their own lives. Then, each person must vote to determine which lie they believe is true. It's a smart idea to inform people about the game before they start. This allows them to think of truths and come up with good lies.

True or False

The true or false game is great for couples and friends who want to get to know each other better.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

When you play the Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction game, you'll be saying it. Consider all the amazing tabloid headlines. Are there any more outrageous headlines? Which ones will other guests believe to be true?

Up Jenkins

Another Dinner Party Game: You begin with one side of a table and then switch sides. Side "A" is given a coin to pass under their table until Team "B" shouts "Up Jenkins !!".." Everyone on Side A must then raise their fists in the air. Next, Team "B", shouts "Down Jenkins!" All hands must touch the table. Someone will keep the coin in their hands. Side "B", the person who is hiding the coin, will have to guess. This game is a classic and has been in existence for a long time.

What is a DAME to do in your area? ### What's a DAME to do?

It's an excellent game to play on a girls' night. You can find more reviews of party games here.

Who Is It?

This is a great addition to our list of adult party games ideas. Try to guess the answer! Find out fun facts about your friends, and get to know them better.

Lying game

Before your guests arrive, let them know that they will need to prepare two true statements about themselves, and one statement that is a lie. When your guests arrive, have everyone sit down and let one person begin by telling their statements. After the three statements have been said, the group of people listen to the statements needs to decide what is true and what is false. This can be a great way to allow everyone to get to know each other better. It's also a great conversation starter.

The celebrity couple game

For this game, you'll need post-it notes. Choose a few celebrity couples and write one person from a couples name on each post-it note. When people begin arriving, put the post-it note on their back and explain how it works. The goal of the game is to find your matching celebrity partner. To do this, each person will need to ask the party guests questions about their celebrity until they know whose name is on their back. Once this has been discovered, they need to find the partner that completes their couple.

"No" game

To play this game, you'll need to have enough leis to supply each guest with one. The object of the game is to collect as many leis as possible. To do this, the guests must try to make other guests say "no." Once a guest has said the word "no," they have to give their lei to the person that cause them to say it. Whenever the time period is over, the person with the most leis wins the game. If you'd prefer the word to be something other than ""no,"" try to use a word that is frequently use and will hard to get around.

Word Builder

This game is better with drinking, but could be played without. To play this game, one guest needs to think of a word and say the first letter. The next guest must think of another word that begins with that first letter. They shouldn't say their word aloud. Instead, they should say the next letter. This continues on through the guests until the word is completed or can't be figured out. In either case, the person who finishes a word, or can't figure the word out, should take a drink. If you're not drinking with this game, you'd just start the round over.

Adult party games help to loosen up the crowd and make even the shyest of people come to life. These party games are sure to be a hit with everyone and show your guests that you're able to throw a great party.