Teen Party Games

Fun, Safe, and Family Friendly Games

One of the most important aspects of a teenager’s birthday party is to make sure that they have fun. It is not about what you spend, but what you do with the time you are given. We all know how teenagers like to be entertained with games and challenges. So here are some ideas!

Around The World Grammar Game

Use the alphabet to create phrases that fit the following pattern: Verbs, nouns, places. First-person could say "Ate Ants Alaska", then the second person would have the letter "B" which could be something like "Buy Butterflies In Biloxi", then the third person would use "C", and so on. Continue going through the alphabet. If a player cannot think of a phrase, they are out. Continue playing until there is only one player left or until you are tired.

Birthday Party Games

The best teen birthday party games ideas in one place. Party games for teens are important because they give everyone a chance to get to know each other. These games are fun, but also serve as icebreakers.

Board Games

We have a wide selection of board games to keep you entertained. You can find everything from Trivial Pursuit to Bingo. Bring the family together for some friendly competition tonight!


Create your own version of this Italian classic. Throw it down on any surface, in the sand, on the grass, at the beach - anywhere! A bocce ball set is all you need for this fun lawn game.


Millions of people throughout the world play Bunco. It's a simple game that can be played with as few as 3 or as many as 36 people. The game includes 120 cards with numbers up to 120, six special cards, and one dice.

Capture The Flag

A game of Capture The Flag can be played by the whole party. This game is ideal for large groups.

Celebrity 20 Questions

This is an enjoyable version of the original 20 questions celebrity-style. Are you able to answer questions about celebrities? This is great for any party but especially those that are Hollywood- or star-themed.


Challenge your guests with stunts in a set time. This is a great party game for teens.


This is a fun game that you can play with your friends! This is a great party game for teens because everyone can play at the same time.

Duct Tape Crafts

Make cool duct tape crafts! You can make clothing, shoes, purses, wallets and even prom dresses with duct tape. You can even get the tape in different colors and patterns.

Escape Room

This is how to make your escape room. It works for any group size, large or small.

Fast Charades

This is a simplified version of the classic charades game. It uses one word to represent each player and not a title or phrase.

Find The Leader

This is a great game for groups - in fact, the bigger the group, it's better!

Flashlight Hunt

Explore the forest with your friends looking for clues hidden by riddles! This is an outside activity that will make you feel like a true detective.

Halloween Games

Great Halloween party games, decorations, and songs for teens

Henna tattoos

This link will help you find the fitting kit for everyone to get cool tattoos.

Inflatable Games for Teens

Inflatables don't have to be just for kids. Here are our top picks.


Sing it loud, sing it proud, and sing it with your friends.


A classic party game. If you are planning on having dancing, mix this in.

The Match Game

This is great for encouraging everyone to mix and mingle! Everyone will be roaming around the party until they find their match in the Match Game.

M&M Hunt Game

This is one of our favorites games and can be played at any party location. It's always a big hit!

Off Limits

Teens can choose the "it" word.

Pass the Hat

You can play the Pass the Orange game but with a hat. Pass the hat head-to-head without using your hands.

Pool Games

Find your next party game from this list of pool games. We have a wide variety of games to make your event a success.

Printable Party Games

Print your favorite party games so you can play them with friends. It's easy to print your board games, card games, dice games, and more!

Scavenger Hunt

A popular activity for teens, be it a birthday party or a teenage slumber party. Check out our page for ideas and tips on how to organize a great hunt.

Slumber Partie Games

Whether you're a kid or a grown-up, it's always fun to spend the night at a slumber party. But what games do you play? This list has everything from hide and seek to truth or dare. Find the perfect game.

Steal a Sticker

Can you steal a sticker without other guests knowing? This is how you'll find out!

Stroke Of Fun

This is a great party icebreaker that turns the activity into a gift. Perfect for special parties like birthdays, graduations, etc.

Talent Show

Let your guests perform a bizarre talent show (make sure you videotape it so that you can bribe them later!)


Look for a tie-dye kit, which uses strings to make it easier than using all those bottles and buckets.

Truth or Dare

This version will keep everyone entertained. Below is a link to truth or dare questions and some dare suggestions. You can also purchase truth-or-dare games to ensure you have plenty of questions and dares.

TV Voices

Record voices of characters from TV before the party. Listen to the recordings at the party and ask everyone to guess who they are.

Virtual Games

Stock up on Virtual Games that fit your party's theme. For example, if you're having a James Bond party or have a 007 Shootout, you can use a ski simulator.

Water Games

Games using water guns, sponges, and water balloons. This is a great way to keep cool in the heat!

Who am I? Game

This is a teen party game that can either be played in large or small groups.

If You Love Me Baby, Then Smile:

This is one of favorite group games to play. Everyone sits in a circle while one person standing goes around and sits on other people's laps. The goal of the person standing is to get the other person to laugh, if they do, they are it. If they don't laugh however, the person has ten seconds and has to move on.

This game is a lot more interactive and intense. If you can handle the heat of someone making a fool of them on your lap then it's the one for you. Not only is it interactive but it is hilarious as well! I promise, you have never laughed harder!

How to Have a Successful Teen Party?

Teenagers like to party and they like it to be the best of the best. Here is a list of tips on how to make your party a hit with teens.

  1. Inform Your Guests: Make sure that your guest knows what time and date your party is happening. If you want them to bring their own food and drinks, make sure they know that as well. They don't want to show up without knowing these details!

  2. Theme: Choose a theme for your party; either by designing it yourself or getting inspiration from others who have done it before you. This will help set the mood for everyone attending.

  3. Games & Activities: Come up with several games, activities, or contests that can be played at your event so people will have fun while socializing with.