Beer Pong


A night out with friends is never boring – but it can be extraordinary. Especially when it comes to house parties, there are a handful of drinking games that can provide endless entertainment in the midst of friendly competition. A very popular game these days is called Beirut. This goes by a more common moniker, Beer Pong. Although the game has existed for over a decade, it rose to fame over college students just a couple of years ago and have not dwindled since.

How To Play

The game takes about half an hour on average to complete depending on the pace of course. Two teams each having two players are necessary. Beer is the only alcoholic beverage that can be used here, hence Beer Pong. A handful of ping pong balls are needed, preferably in two colors to identify teams, twenty-one solo cups, and a wide long table. Do consider these dimensions: 8x4 feet.

Start with the cups by arranging them in tens in two triangles, one on each end of the table with the points facing inward. Save the two cups, one for each team, and use as a water glass to wash the ping pong balls off after every shot. For each of the playing cups, they should be filled to about ¼th capacity with beer.

Before any cup-filling takes place, it is best if the order of turns is determined. This is usually done by having each team shoot a ball into the endmost cup. The first team to successfully do so gets the first official Beer Pong turn.

Each team gets two shots per turn and the game is played with an alternating motion. Players take shots at the opposing team’s set of cups which are arranged opposite them on the playing table. A point is scored when the active team successfully lands a ball inside one of their opponents’ cups. Once a score point is granted, the opposing team removes the cup from the table and drinks the beer inside.

On the shots made, these are scored differently. If a direct shot is made, no bounce shots, it is equivalent to one point which is equal to one cup of beer. If a bounce shot is made and it is good, the active players get to choose a bonus cup. This means that two of their opponents’ cups can be eliminated at one go. What makes the bounce shots trickier is the fact that it is perfectly legal for the opposing team to make blocks by swatting these off mid-air.

During each shot, to avoid disqualification and potential penalties, active players must see to it that their elbow stays behind the edge of the playing table. If players go over the line, they can lose a turn, gain a bonus shot for their opponents, or even get the other team to regain one of their cups.

During the end of the game, the losing team is required to drink all of the remaining cups of beer on the table.

Additional Game Rules

There is a save function that can come into play though. If one team successfully makes three consecutive scoring shots, they can place a cup back into active play.

Another game changer involves the roll back ruling wherein both players on the active team takes a shot at the same time and if both balls end up inside any two cups the team earns a bonus shot. There is no limit as to how many of these joint shots can be made throughout the course of the game.

A rule called the grenade also exists. During a turn, if both players on a team make shots and they land in the same cup, another bonus shot is earned.

For the opposing team there is another way for them to block a potentially good shot provided that the ball has yet to land. Should there be a swirling rim shot, they can try to blow the ball out of the cup.

Set-Up Rulings

As the game progresses, the triangle formation will surely cease to exist. This will make the game more difficult for both teams so each is granted one re-racking. It is up to the teams to determine as to when this provision is the most beneficial.

Winning The Game

The objective is to eliminate all of the opposing team’s cups.

Tips For Success

Aside from a killer aim, it is best to practice one’s hand and eye coordination before the game. Another tip that most players tend to take for granted is taking one’s time. Although the game does not have a slow pace, taking a couple of seconds to focus can make all the difference in the outcome of a shot. Also, try your best to earn bonus shots to gain an advantage over the opposing team.


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