Scavenger hunts

This game is fun and exciting for people of all ages. For those of you who aren't familiar with how it works simply make a list of items, assign groups of people to go out and ""scavenge"" all of the items before the other groups. Meanwhile, one member of the group stumble around blindfolded, another group member can just watch with their hands tied behind their back. Also, you could make things interesting by offering a grand prize for the winning team.

Scavenger hunts rules:

  • Divide participants into teams of two. If there's an odd number of players, permit 1 group of 3 or similar.
  • Designate every group having a name or colour to ensure that they are able to determine which clues are theirs.
  • Decide the number of hints every group will need to look for depending on the available amount of time and also the difficulty of the clues. These hints must direct the group towards the subsequent clue having something as being an easy riddle or perhaps a description of its place.
  • Instruct all teams to wait someplace outdoors of the playing location to ensure that the officials can setup the game.
  • For the initial clue, describe the place exactly where the following clue will likely be situated. Around the 2nd clue, refer to where the 3rd clue might be and put this clue exactly where the very first clue describes. Keep on this method for the amount of clues as determined earlier. The last clue must instruct groups to send back to the someone managing the overall game. On every clue, mark the clue number and show which group it's intended for.
  • Do it again the prior step for every group.
  • Invite all groups back in to the playing location.
  • For every group tie a blindfold more than 1 player's eyes and tie the hands of the other player with each other behind her back. The player with hands tied must direct the blindfolded person towards the clues and tell them to carry the clues.
  • Give every group their initial clue to begin the game.
  • Announce the winning group as soon as each group retrieves all their hints and award them having a prize.

Get creative with this game! It's so easy to plan on the fly and it can be a huge icebreaker for people who don't know each other. Use a camera to document all of the silly things people do on their lists for a way to remember how great your party was!


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